Saturday, February 22, 2014


Today (February 15th) the Enginerd wanted to take us out to brunch at one of the hotels he's stayed at during his previous trips to Japan.  It had an AMAZING view and the food was fantastic.  I don't like breakfast foods, so I was so happy to see a yummy curry with rice.  That's MY kind of breakfast!  The Enginerd also made me an espresso and it was so good I almost made out with him right there.  I mean LOOK at this totally want to make out with him just looking at this drool-worthy coffee, right?

The view was breathtaking, and it was so quiet and lovely in the room...obviously our snotty-nosed, loud, obnoxious children did not fit in...I mean I LOVE them, but I felt like Cousin Eddy's family on the National Lampoons vacation movies.  For real.  I guess I fit in with my crazy kids because you better believe I took a photo of the fancy toilet in the restroom.

Monkey Island seen here...out the bathroom window

Fancy shmancy I did NOT try the "shower" or bidet...yikes

After that we walked around the Daiei mall and grabbed a starbucks mocha.  I really didn't need another coffee, but I cannot pass up a mocha outside of base.  The Japanese use a different chocolate and it makes ALL of the difference.  They taste like heaven.

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