Friday, February 7, 2014

Exploring Japan!

Today (February 6th) we were able to get off base and really experience Japan!  Before we did that though, we had to register Lady Loo for school.  At first I said, "NO WAY...too big...don't like it." but the people inSIDE the building really put me at ease.  They were great.  I was impressed and even excited for Lady Loo.  They gave us the paperwork to fill out and get ready for Monday.  So we left to go off base...

I felt like I could apparate because one minute we were with a bunch of Americans living a regular American life...and the next we were surrounded by Japanese people and there were signs everywhere that we couldn't read.  It.was.amazing.  I finally felt happy.  I've been wanting to explore since we got here 2 days ago!!!

We left base so that we could go get me a phone.  The first shop we tried had no English speaking people.  The next one we tried was the winner!  They were able to help us figure out how I could call the Enginerd for free.  He'll be the one I'll be calling the most after all.  They told us it would take 45 minutes to set it up, so we decided to go over to Mr. Donut and have a treat.

YUMO!  I got a cafe ole' because the ladies at the cell phone place said that they had free refills and they just really wanted me to take advantage of that.  :)  The donuts were delightful!  I think I liked Lady Loo's the best.  It was sort of vanilla/coconut or something.  I'm not really sure, but it was amazing.  I was hoping mine was raspberry, but it was strawberry.  Not my fav, but it was still good. The Baby LOVED his and scarfed it down! As did Mr. Man.

We went back to the cell phone place after a little exploring and they still weren't done.  They felt TERRIBLE.  Their hospitality is incredible.  Canadians got nothin' on the Japanese.  ;)  We were hungry and getting tired so we had to leave my pretty new iPhone there, but I knew that was a good excuse to get back off of the base!

Bedtime has been pretty smooth since we've all be exhausted.  We are still in our teeny tiny room and hoping to move soon.  It's hard having no place to go to get away from each other.  We're driving each other mad.  Thank goodness for the playroom in the hotel!

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