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Wednesday, February 12th

Today we got to learn about these...

Yes I wrote down the time so I didn't have to do the math and figure out military time.  It annoys me.

I loved it all!  We had one presenter for the first half and she was fantastic.  She is Japanese but speaks English perfectly.  I wonder if one of her parents might be American because she didn't have much of an accent.  The history was fascinating.  We learned about the different historical eras and what they all mean.  We learned what samurai are and why they no longer exist (to sum up the reason in one word...greed).  She told us that Japanese language is really very easy to learn!  HA!  I call bologna!!!  

The vowels are similar to wonder I found them easy to remember!

We had a long lunch so the Enginerd and I went off base and had a date.  We went to an authentic Nepalese diner.  It was down a bunch of stairs, hidden away.  I loved the atmosphere and it was the best food we've had so far.  

I cannot explain to you how amazing this meal was.
The menu

After lunch we had a new presenter.  He's also Japanese but his English was a bit more difficult to understand.  He taught us about the Japanese sports.  The sumo was the first of course, but he talked about how much the Japanese LOVE baseball.  It really is their favorite sport.  He also talked about Kendo.  He went to his office and got his gear and put it on one of the navy chiefs.  Then he proceeded to beat the crud out of him!  It was really entertaining!  They used to use swords, YEARS ago, but now they use bamboo sticks.  
Uh...I had no idea I could do this one here!  Glad I took so many pictures!  I LOVE THIS!

I left soon after this.  I knew we'd be learning all about transportation the next day and I just needed to go get my kids.  I missed them.  It turned out that the next presenter didn't even show up, so the Enginerd got to leave early and go talk to another real estate agent about getting a house...

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