Thursday, February 6, 2014

The dreaded 10 hour plane ride

We left for Japan at 12:05 on February 3rd and arrived at 3:00 pm on February 4th.  That math seems off, but that only because you totally forgot we traveled over the international date line!!  :)  It was odd to go from the dark evening portion of the flight to the sunny afternoon portion of the flight.  Very surreal!

The 3 kids did wonderfully.  They had a great time with 10 constant hours of screen time.  I'm sure I let them kill off many brain cells, but since they took a huge chunk of mine when I became their mom...I'd say we're even.  They had a fabulous time and were really very well behaved.

Nobody got hives or had allergic reactions.  It's something I'm terrified of because I live in crazy town.  I don't really know why I think my kids will develop food allergies on an airplane, but I'm pretttttyyyyy sure it will happen.  We have no known history of this, but I just like to pretend bad things will happen...because it's oh so fun.  I think it's called anxiety...or sheer mother freaking terror.  I mean really...what do you do when there is an emergency a million miles in the air???  I can't be the only mom to be worried about this right???  So...anyway...I lived in crazy town for about the first 5 hours and then my body just gave up and made me relax.  The last 5 hours were much easier.

The landing was VERY turbulent (unlike the actual flight) and my 8 year old and I started to get nauseous.  When we landed my 8 year old started crying because she missed her bff.  It made me cry (something I never do in front of people) most likely due to the fact that the anxiety sucked the life out of me for the first 5 hours.

We then went through customs and whatever else.  I was in an anxiety hangover so I don't remember much.  I know it was snowing outside and we had to get on a train where every seat was taken and my 2 year old was screaming his head off because he thought it was the middle of the night.  Poor guy just wanted to sleep and I was trying to hold him and carry 37 bags and not freak the freak out.  The train/trolly took us to the main building and customs.

We then only had to wait 30ish minutes for the bus to pick us up.  While we were waiting, 2 Japanese ladies (with beautiful English) fell in love with my 2 year old.  He kept waving and talking to them and they love it.  They told us that the area we would be living in was beautiful and that they have a lot of American food.  Um gross.  We told them we were not interested in American food and they thought that was funny.

We all just crashed when we got on the bus.  I think the driver wanted to visit since it was only 4:30r so and he was wide awake, but it was around midnight for us.  So...we missed our first Japanese experience because we were just too tired.

We got to our hotel and immediately jumped in bed and fell asleep.  We were, of course, all awake by 2:30 am.  Oh well.  It turned out fine.  We just took an early nap and tried our best to start getting ready for Japan...

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