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Tuesday...February 11th

Our AOB class started a bit later today.  I made the Enginerd take the boys to daycare while I took Lady Loo to school and then had some time to myself at Starbucks on base.  It helped me to not see them actually dropped off at daycare.  My stomach was still in knots, but it eased up a bit without the visual.

Today we heard from the naval Chapel of Hope and more boring navy stuff.  Then we had a Culture Shock presentation.  The lady was the first HORRIBLE presenter.  Oh man she was bad...but the subject was pretty funny!  Here are a few photos I took, so you can get an idea...

Mmmm...sweat!  Sounds delightful!  It's actually like gatorade.

Creamy Ball?  Nah...I'm good.

Not to be confused with a chocolate colon.  

Anyone for a nice cold BM?

Holy rude/racist Batman!

There were 3 slides like this.  

The first thing she talked about was toilets.  It was a little ridiculous.  Funny, but come on.  Do we really need someone to tell us how to use the toilets here?  I think we are smart enough to figure them all out.  She was a TOTAL waste of time...and yet the slides were entertaining.  I am looking forward to the next 2 days.  They will be interesting...

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