Saturday, February 8, 2014

THE MALL...cue singing angels....

Today (Feb. 7th) a girl I've known for almost 20 years, picked us up to go to Starbucks and...wait for it...THE MALL!!!  I know some people hate the mall, but I love it.  I love shopping and I couldn't wait to see what a Japanese mall was like.  SQUEAL!

Mr. Man in front of our beautiful Starbucks view
So she came to the hotel to pick us up in her shaggin' wagon.  Oh's a white van with CURTAINS...real polyester curtains...on a curtain rod!!  Suh-weet!  We stopped at Starbucks for a pick me up before we took 4 kids plus her prego belly into the mall.  The mocha I got was out of this world amazing.  They must use a special chocolate.  I hate the U.S Sbux mochas, but this one was fabulous.  Also, I almost said, "Grasias" when I got my mocha.  Clearly all foreign languages = Spanish in my brain.  

Still looks the same...with a bit of Japanese at the bottom

I wish I would have be smart enough to take a bunch of pictures of all of the weird things we saw...but I was just taking it all in.  My favorite things were a utensil apparatus that could switch the top portion from a fork to a spoon to chopsticks.  It was near the trillions of bento boxes.  ;)  I also loved the chopsticks training tool.  I think I'm going to get it for the kids to use.  Pretty cool.  There is Disney stuff EVERYWHERE.  The Japanese LOVE Disney.  You can even buy Disney cell phones...not like a case but where it actually has Mickey as the background and the on button is a little Mickey.  We had a great time.  Lady Loo used some of her Christmas money to get a purse, a tin piggy bank and some chapstick.  All a bit on the cheap side, but she was happy.  

training chopsticks source
After nap the Enginerd and I decided we would go back out to get my cell phone.  It was finally done...but then had some technical difficulties that took a few more minutes.  They were great and so sweet. All of the posters really cracked me up.  I desperately want to know what this one was all about...

Apparently they also give out snacks and treats to people who do business with them!  My kind of people!  The 2 in the back were sort of like rice crispy treats covered in a thin icing with itty bitty cheese chunks in it.  Odd...yet strangely ok. The front bag is little quarter sized hard candies that taste a bit like mild burnt sugar.  VERY VERY YUMMY!!!

We got to meet Lady Loo's teacher who happens to be from the same PNW town we're from!  Small world. It made us all feel a little better about sending our sweet girl to such a HUGE school.

Lady Loo at her new desk!
Her teacher also said I could probably get a job teaching since they are looking for a 4th grade teacher.  While it did tug a bit at my heartstrings...I just can't put my baby in daycare.  I just can't.  I want to be the one with him for the majority of his day.  It's just a personal preference.  It sure would look great on my resume after 8.5 years of staying home!  Oh well.  I still would like to look into teaching ESL to adults in the evenings.  I'll keep you posted...

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