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Thursday, February 13th

IT WAS FIELD TRIP DAY!!!  I honestly thought about signing in and skipping and going to get my boys from daycare.  I hated the idea of being 20 minutes away from them, but I'm glad I went.  It was fun to be on one last day with the Enginerd before we settle in for the long haul.

trying out the stamps at the train station
I think the kids will enjoy this when they get to try out the trains.

So today we went to Kamakura.  We all jumped on a bus that took us on a little tour of Yokosuka and then dropped us off at the train station.  They taught us how to get a ticket and how to pay.  Then they told us how to read the train schedule.  It wasn't as hard as it looked.

we took the changed to English right after this photo...we didn't have to read Japanese
Once we got there, we all met at the clock and they gave us 3 options for lunch, ramen (nothing like the dried stuff in America), Korean bbq or sushi.  We chose the Korean bbq.  It was really fun!  We cooked our chicken and pork over a small bbq in the middle of our table.  They had a really yummy teriyaki dipping sauce as well as a salad before the meal.  It was so fun to try something new!

After lunch we could take the long tour or the condensed tour.  I wanted to get home to the kids, so we did the condensed tour.  It was great!  We got a bit of history and still got to see everything in that area. If I had been a little more willing to let the kids go, we could have seen the big buddha, but I knew we had plenty of time over the next 3 years to see it.
This is a Torii which is from the Shinto religion.  It comes before a shrine.

Hachimangu shrine in the background.  People were inside praying.

60 stairs with me at the top

then Enginerd climbed them and took this shot of the smaller building

We had a wonderful time exploring and even took a moment to try green tea/sweet potato swirled ice cream.  It was yummy!  I guess this place has even gained some notoriety because Obama stopped in and had some when he visited.
Pretty green and purple!
It was a fun day, but I was very ready to pick up my kids at 3.  I am still really having a hard time with this.  One more daycare day.  The Baby doesn't want to go back.  :(  He has hit his limit and the novelty has worn off.  Poor baby.

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