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Monday February 10th...

Today I had to drop my boys off at the CDC (child development center) so that the Enginerd and I could go to our AOB (area orientation briefing).  I cried.  It was awful.  I just left my babies with STRANGERS.  I am MAD at the navy for forcing our hand.  I want a driver's license here so this was the only option.  Then we walked Lady Loo over to her first day of school in Japan.  Of course when we got there, we found out there was a 2 hour delay due to snow.  So I had to schlep her over to the youth center and just trust they would get her to school.  I think I might be a helicopter parent.  ;)

The Baby washing his hands in a little sink at the CDC

The Commander of the whole naval base here came in first to give a small welcome.  We had to stand up for him.  That was weird.  His wife also spoke to the spouses.  She's originally from Ireland and had a bit of an accent.  :)  They were both fantastic speakers and I have a feeling that they are both good at their jobs.

Some of the cute wall decor

Next up was emergency information.  I didn't love it.  Not only did I just leave my babies in the care of strangers, now I have to trust that they will know what to do in emergency situations!!!  UGH!!!  This was not helping the knots in my stomach.  :(

Me looking extra fat and pretending like I'm happy about this stupid class...
Then we heard from the fire department.  He was a hoot!  He said, "What you do when fire?  Get Hell OUT!  What you do when you first to SEE fire?  Push fire alarm and GET HELL OUT!"  :)  He was cracking jokes left and right.  Also, we learned that if they have yellow on, they speak English.  The other colors of outfits do not.

I used to love Winnie the Pooh (even in college) so I loved that they were on my birthday month...
The rest of the day was all naval related and had NOTHING to do with us.  I wish I would have just left.  SO BORING!!!!!

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