Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Food poisoning

February 18th, 2014

We have food poisoning.  The Enginerd and I both ate the same salad at dinner last night and we.are.sick.  We had to go look at a house today...but we could barely move.  Ugh.  We were late taking Lady Loo to school.  We just couldn't make it to the bus in time.  If I never throw up again it will be too soon.

We REALLY want a house.  So, we rallied and pretended we weren't going to hurl in the Real Estate Agent's car.  We made small talk and swallowed our saliva and held it in.  BUT thank goodness there was toilet paper in the house...that's all I'm saying...and no it wasn't for me...  ;)


Tatami room
The house was adorable.  Small but so efficient!  We loved it.  We're taking it.  We looked around for 10 minutes and then barely made it back to our hotel before we fell asleep.  Thank goodness it was nap time for the boys.  After we picked up Lady Loo from school we just let the kids run wild in the room and watch a ton of TV so we could rest.

We made a vow to NEVER ever ever eat at that restaurant next to the hotel.  BLEH!  Someone didn't wash their hands and then made our food!!  GROSS!!!!  And we made another vow to never eat the same food at a restaurant.  Ugh.  We were miserable!

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