Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Today (March 8th) we went with some friends to Kannonzaki park.  It has one of the longest roller slides in Japan!  A roller slide is like an old assembly line conveyor.  You sit on foam mats or "butt shovels" and you go cruising down!  We all loved it and The Baby wouldn't stay off of it!!  He just wanted to keep going.  Enginerd really wanted to go by himself, but The Baby was always too fast and plopped on his lap before he could get going.  :) 

While walking back up from the roller slide, each level of stairs had a fun climber made out of wood.  The kids had such a great time.  At the top of the slide area, there was a pirate ship.  It was GORGEOUS out, we didn't want to leave.  Eventually the kids got hungry and cranky....ready for nap, so we left.   I hope we can figure out how to get there again.  We followed our friends and didn't pay attention very well.  It was just too pretty of a drive...too much to see!!

the Enginerd on the roller slide

Lady Loo on the roller slide 

one level of the climbing toys while walking back up the hill

My turn!

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